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Why is self awareness so important? The impact you have on your family, friends, colleagues, peers and complete strangers should not be underestimated.

The beauty is, you can make someone’s day with a few kind words, conversely you can upset the same person with a wrong turn of phrase.
Our political leaders focused too much on campaigns of fear rather than a proactive approach and some of the parties have paid the price because of this.

Being aware of how you communicate with others is vital to your self awareness. It is not simply the words that you use that should be considered but also your body language and tone. Only 7% of any face to face communication is impacted by the words you use. The greatest impact is made by our body language at 55%, while tone makes up the remaining 38%.


Taking the time to stop before communicating a key message or leading a meeting will prevent you from jumping in and saying something that may disengage your audience.

Again think back to some of the party political debates and the playground tactics adopted.

You may now be wondering, how can I quickly adapt my style now I understand the importance of being more self aware? We at Brightside use an innovative personal development model called Insights Discovery to help you understand your own personal style, communication, approach and ultimately what makes yourself and other people tick.

Insights Discovery uses four colour energies to help you identify different traits. The model is very simple to understand but its depth and power should not be underestimated.


We all have each of the four colour energies within us, however, we will lead with one which our peers will usually be able to spot quickly due to our body language, tone and communication patterns.

In your daily life are you mostly…

Detailed, Organised, Reflective, Questioning

Caring, Patient, Sharing, Relaxed, Supportive

Engaging, Enthusiastic, Demonstrative,

Direct, Action Orientated, Forthright,

Start to think about your colleagues, your partner or friends. What traits are you recognising in them? The above is a brief summary of descriptors that I associate with the colour energies and this is only the beginning of your journey to discover more about yourself. The framework is used globally to help individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively together.


Self awareness is the key to all positive change within business today. Without an understanding of who you are and a recognition of how your colleagues prefer to work, how can organisations expect to grow successfully?

Take the time out today to think about:

What are you doing?

How are you doing it?

What could you do differently?

Insights Discovery and Coaching are two key ways we can help you develop your self understanding. If you reflect on the way in which each of the political leaders conducted themselves throughout the election campaign, it was clear for everyone to see which of the leaders were more self aware.

If you would like to discuss more please get in touch at info@brightsideinspiration.com


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