Lights, camera, action!

Being an actor in a film is surely up there at the top of a list of dream jobs.

But if you really think about it, actors don’t even get to do all the coolest parts of a film.

For most of them, it is the stunt men and women who get to do the car chases and the fight scenes and all the other cool elements that make up movie magic.

So if you are interested in that side of things, maybe a career as a stunt performer would be the dream job for you.

According to the National Career Service (NCS), as a stunt performer you would stand in for actors when the script calls for anything dangerous or specialised.


The work can be in studios or outside locations, depending on the script. Some stunts may need you to spend a long time in uncomfortable conditions such as underwater or in hot environments.

On the plus side, the film locations and studios aren’t restricted to the UK; a career as a stunt man could take you around the world.

Stunt performer

If you like sports and being physically active, and want to be in film or TV, then here is how to go about getting hired.

NCS states that to be a stunt performer you should have:

Excellent physical fitness and commitment to staying very fit

Interest and ability in several sports and outdoor pursuits

Good communication and “people” skills

The ability to work well as part of a team

Quick reactions and calmness under pressure

Willingness to work in dangerous situations

A high degree of responsibility and health and safety awareness

Good planning skills and attention to detail

Some acting skills (although formal experience is not essential)

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