Look good returning to work

As holiday season continues for many, others are faced with the return to the office. Gone are the days of beaches and swimming trunks and instead it’s time to focus on the job in hand.

However this shouldn’t mean you just have to wear a grey suit and add a little excitement with a pair of purple socks...Instead look towards these Tresor Paris men’s accessories to liven up your wardrobe and keep the holiday blues at bay.

Look smart and sleek with a sophisticated pair of cufflinks, draw attention to your wrist with these Swiss-made watches and be creative with a silver or rose-gold tie pin.

Precision Chronograph Nine £695

Vega Stainless Steel Rose Tie Clip, £47

Vega Stainless Steel Cufflinks, £67

All items available from www.tresorparis.co.uk and stockists nationwide.

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