If you consider yourself a “foodie”, there are many jobs that might be right for you. The most obvious one is perhaps a chef of some kind, working in a kitchen creating masterpieces worthy of a Michelin star. But there are others that you should consider too.

One job that could be a foodie’s dream come true is that of a food stylist – and no, that doesn’t mean someone who gets paid to put clothes onto food. In a nutshell, a food stylist arranges food in a way that makes it look tasty and fresh. This can be for a range of purposes, including recipe books and photo-shoots.

You work with a photographer dealing with issues such as backgrounds and lighting, angles and colours, to create something spectacular. Sometimes you will be given a brief on what the client is looking for, other times you’ll get to come up with a theme or look yourself. Sometimes you need to go looking for props to accompany the food and other times the meal takes centre-stage alone.

Food stylist

To bag this job, you need a few things. Most important is a background and interest in food, whether that’s at standard grade, Higher or university level. Some knowledge is essential as any recipe you want to create needs to be researched.

You can also gain experience by working in kitchens or catering or doing some kind of cookery course. And you need to have some artistic and creative flair.

With these skills under your belt you can start approaching food stylists for internships or work experience and start your journey to your dream job. Who knows, maybe one day you will be styling food for the likes of Jamie Oliver or Mary Berry.


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