Make 2017 the year of opportunities

Each new year, it is common for us to spend time reflecting on the year gone and looking forward to what lies ahead. It is likely you are back in the swing of things now and January often feels like a slog, with cold dark mornings and a long pay month. For some, however, it is a great time to make that fresh start or move they have been planning for a while.


In the coaching I do, I hear all the time that I don’t have enough time for myself or to think. It’s time to prioritise time for you, otherwise weeks and months can go by without you stopping to take a breath. Without reflection time, you can be doing the same things and not getting the results you want. That’s why you will often find, when you go on holiday, that your brain has a break and some of your best ideas or “aha moments” will happen.

A great way of doing this on a daily basis is to start your working day with 15 minutes to set out what you want to achieve that day and for some planning time. Again, I often hear people say I don’t have time for that, but if you don’t plan your day, your day will plan you.

Delving into the e-mails first thing can set off a chain of reactive behaviours, so take charge of your time.tweet


There is a common trait amongst people who achieve a lot - they usually are very proactive and seek out opportunities each day. So many people are waiting for the big break to find them – it won’t. You have to work hard and find the opportunities.

Simple activities like travelling to and from work can provide you with opportunities, speaking to new people. Also, being mindful of your surroundings and what is happening in the world can be a great place to start. Have you ever noticed when you buy something new e.g. a car, you start to see the same make on the road all time? It is the same when we start to open our eyes to opportunities, they start to appear more frequently.

There is so much you can do to help yourself develop this year if you take charge and focus positively on what you want to do.


I often hear people say they will be happy when... For me, being happy can begin right now if you are grateful for what you have already. Taking five minutes a day to write down what you are grateful for can be a fab way of taking stock and feeling more happy.

Often, we have more than enough, but our attitude sees us looking for problems rather than appreciating what we have. It is a powerful habit to practise. Try it for the next 21 days and watch how gratitude can work for you.

2017 is the year of opportunities – go out and seize them!

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