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I’m very much a morning person and I tend to be at my most productive and creative during the first half of the day. I cut out caffeinated drinks two years ago when my son was born and since then I have enjoyed more restful sleep and I’ve found I’m fresher and more alert in the morning.

My commute typically includes walking my son to nursery; it allows me to get some exercise, spend some time with him and also start thinking about the key things I need to achieve over the course of the working day I have ahead of me.

I normally arrive at the office between 8am-8.30am, which gives me time to prioritise my workload for the day before the rest of my team arrive in the office.

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Aberdeen and I did a postgrad at Robert Gordon University and, whilst I didn’t study transport, my university education taught me a lot of the essential planning and analytical skills which are a requirement for my role at Energy Saving Trust.

As the seven colleagues who make up the team I manage arrive in the office, I try and take the opportunity to find out how they’re doing, and highlight priorities and any outstanding issues for the day ahead of us. At the moment, much of that work relates to managing the effective delivery of the Transport Scotland-funded advice and support we provide to Scottish businesses and consumers as we approach the end of the financial year.


I usually have a packed lunch, which I make before leaving the house. It’s usually a lot healthier than buying something and helps save money for those more important things in life, like holidays.

About once a week I do visit a local sandwich shop that offers some amazing sandwiches – my favourite being a toasted Mexican wrap stuffed with jalapenos, guacamole, salsa, cheese and chicken.

I normally work through my lunch, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get away from my desk and take a short walk outside. I’ve found that even just five minutes’ activity over lunch helps avoid afternoon lethargy.

Matthew Eastwood


In addition to our team in Edinburgh, we have a network of local specialist transport advisors across five regional advice centres located in Aberdeen, Ayr, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness who provide fleet advice to businesses to help them identify cost and carbon savings.

Energy Saving Trust offers interest-free loans to Scottish businesses keen to benefit from the lower operating costs and emissions of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. These loans are funded by Transport Scotland. At some point over the course of the afternoon, a colleague will deposit a number of loan payments on my desk for me to authorise and my last task of the day is usually to check and sign these before leaving the office.

As the working day starts to draw to a close, I check how I’m doing against the priorities I identified at the start of the day and chase up any outstanding tasks.


With work complete for another day, I head home shortly after 5pm. I generally try and leave fairly promptly so I can spend quality time with my family.

After reading my son a few bedtime stories, I usually spend a little bit of time checking e-mails and responding to any urgent ones I haven’t managed to get through earlier in the day.

My wife and I then catch up, talk about our days and relax by watching an episode of something, or read a bit before bed.


1. I do something I’m genuinely interested in and passionate about.

2. I get to help shape a fast-paced, complex and rapidly evolving sector.

3. I work with a great range of knowledgeable and enthusiastic colleagues across Energy Saving Trust.

4. Energy Saving Trust recognises that its employees are its key assets and is committed to retaining and developing them.

5. I’m doing a job that presents lots of new and interesting challenges on 
a daily basis and which allows me to continue to grow my professional skills and abilities.

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