Meet the Recruitment team

Find out what the faces on the other end of the phone look like, and what we can do for you in the re-launched P&J Recruitment, writes Natasha Mckim.

If you go to the upper floors of Aberdeen Journals, you will find a cluster of desks, with a dedicated team of individuals who work closely with clients to offer the best recruitment solution for their business. These businesses will soon have access to the huge audience we have through our print and online publications. This team alone have more years of experience in recruitment and business than I have years on this earth.

As this is the re-launch edition of the new P&J Recruitment, we thought we would take this chance to say “hello” and introduce you to the team. We wanted to let you know that we are here to listen to your needs and help. Replacing the Jobs in Scotland supplement, this re-vamped recruitment edition will bring you news, advice, vacancies, and information about various companies in the north-east and the rest of Scotland.


So who makes up our team? Suzanne Todd is in senior business development and has been with the company for 26 years. Scott Jamieson has 16 years of experience with the Journals and is the group recruitment manager. Kerrie Jamieson follows not far behind as a team leader with 11 years in the company. Katja Watson is the newbie on the team, but has had a year in recruitment telesales so is well settled into her role.

The team reaches far beyond Aberdeen, with our colleague Seonaid MacRae in Inverness as a senior telesales executive. She has been there for 14 years. As part of DC Thompson, advertisers not only have access to the Aberdeen titles, including the Press and Journal, Evening Express and Aberdeen Citizen, but also to the whole portfolio within the company. Ross Young is based in Dundee in recruitment telesales and is our eyes and ears from that part of the country.k1

Ross has been with the company for five years, and is a prime example of some of the people who we target. He was disillusioned in his current role and flicked through the newspaper one afternoon. He spotted a job that he liked the look of, and applied. Five years later he can now tell the tale of how this changed his life. Sometimes people might not realise they want a change, until they see an option staring them in the face. That is the power of press advertising.

Recruitment advertising has changed over the years. You might think it is expensive, but as Scott said, “rates have changed and there is lots of flexibility with how you present your advert”. Kerrie is keen for clients to realise this flexibility, which can translate across platforms in bespoke packages. The team will cater to your needs, finding out if a local reach would benefit most, or a reach across the full DC Thomson portfolio.t2

Kerrie said: “People see us mainly as a paper, and are not aware of our digital platform,”

Through the Jobs In Scotland website, an average of 35,000 e-mails are sent out weekly to a captive market. These people have registered their interest in specific jobs, so the vacancies being sent out are reaching those who are seeking jobs in the area. By using our online and print platforms, we are ensuring that the right kind of people are seeing your adverts and vacancies.t3

If you don’t have any vacancies at the moment but want to work on promoting your business, then we can help you there too. By strengthening your public appeal and making you an employer of choice, recruitment in the long term will be easier. Editorial features can help enhance a campaign long-term, which is where I come in. I sit on the features desk within the editorial department and am always in communication with the rest of the team. The editorial we write can build the relationship between companies. We can look at an interesting position, or a particularly noteworthy employee. Perhaps there has been a big achievement in the office which should be noted, or a new appointment which people would be interesting in reading about. There are many options to supporting a company with editorial, and we can explore them with a little bit of imagination.

Suzanne said: “Give us a call. We can offer multi-faceted campaigns utilising a wide range of platforms including Facebook and Twitter to help advertise specific positions. We have respected and local titles, including Energy Voice and work with Energy Jobline for careers in energy, gas, nuclear and renewables. There are lots of options available to put your advert in front of the right candidate.

“We can work on business development when it comes to raising brand awareness, so when it does come to recruitment you have built up a strong brand and are seen as an employer of choice.”

As well as building up campaigns, the team also work actively with organisations such as Skills Development Scotland and PACE on many initiatives such as redeployment of skills, apprenticeships and training. We also have our own in-house design team who can design your adverts and develop campaigns in print and online, all free and part of our service. This is invaluable to businesses who need to attract the right candidate and maintain their brand identity.

Between the team there is more than 73 years of experience at your disposal. With the changes in Aberdeen and within many industries and the options to advertisers out there, it’s important to remember we have an audience who still look to us when looking for a new job. It’s important to ensure you cast your recruitment net as wide as possible to get the right candidate.

To find out how we can help, give us a call on Aberdeen 01224 694511, Inverness 01463 272312 or e-mail



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