Mike turns loss to a gain

The downturn in the oil and gas sector has brought about change in the jobs market which is allowing small to medium enterprises to capitalise by recruiting experienced personnel previously employed in the energy business.

Clark Integrated Technologies’ latest recruit Mike Scott was made redundant from a global oil and gas firm earlier this year. A matter of a few months after losing his job he was appointed as a senior technical support analyst at the Turriff-based firm – and is enjoying the challenges his new role brings.

He’s gone from working for a multi-national organisation to being part of a small but go-ahead company that’s core business is providing IT-managed services to a large and diverse range of clients.

Clark Integrated Technologies

While the 40-year-old admits that losing his job was a blow, he says that it led him to seek out new opportunities.

“I’m a great believer that you can react or respond to any situation and I try and respond and aim to find the best solution I can,” he said.

“Losing my job has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills and join a company that has a real buzz about it. Clark has a wide range of clients and that in itself provides different opportunities and clients to work with.

“I’ve settled in really well, and it’s a friendly workplace where people are motivated to perform and deliver results that meet the demands of the business. There’s a fantastic, close-knit team spirit throughout the organisation.

“Apart from working from home, I’ve got one of the shortest commutes to work as the Clark IT office is just 2.9miles from home.”

After more than 23 years of working, 17of those in IT, Mike has seen many changes in the industry and said it is now much more positively embraced by the business world.


“The view of IT has certainly matured,” explained Mike. “We used to be viewed as techy geeks like you see in the IT Crowd, but over time it has emerged and developed and IT has become more aligned to business strategy and policy.

“IT has shifted from being reactive to taking a more pro-active approach, getting ahead of issues and taking control into IT instead of constantly firefighting. There’s more planning and that in turn provides better services.”

Commercial director Margo Robertson added: “We’re thrilled to have Mike on board and already he has become a valued member of the team with his positive can-do approach.

“The down turn in oil and gas has seen an upturn in individuals contacting us to seek out alternative job opportunities. Whilst experience is required for many of our roles, the personal qualities of an applicant are important too.”

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