Motherhood and marketing the right mix for Kate

Kate Sansum has a very interesting life – in terms of her career path and her personal life.

She has worked in a variety of industries since moving to Scotland at the age of 21, from qualifying as a YMCA exercise-to-music teacher, and working at the Fitness and Fun gym in Elgin, to working as the marketing and admissions manager for Moray College. She also has experience in advertising and runs a martial-arts academy in Elgin with husband Lee.

In her private life, she is mum to three youngsters and three older children, and her husband is a bodyguard – interesting indeed.

It was her husband’s career, however, that has caused her to take a path down yet another career direction. Over the years, Lee has protected a number of big names including Princess Diana and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and looked after groups of people in warzones.

His last trip to Tripoli in Libya was particularly troubling. Lee was there working with the Foreign Office and among those last to leave the country when things started to deteriorate. He made his way to the border and phoned Kate to say the next time she heard from him he would be across it.

Then there was silence for 14 hours. Luckily, Lee made it out safely, but the experience made the couple think about how things were going to be in the future.

“Suddenly, he was home, and obviously it was quite traumatic going through that and dealing with that afterwards. We knew that something had to change. We didn’t want to have to go through him being away again,” she said.

And so Kate took the role of protector, getting involved in a new beauty product range and ensuring Lee didn’t have to go away any more.

The decision was made earlier this year as the couple sat in a friend’s hot tub on Valentine’s Day. Kate told her husband she had done her research, but needed to give it her full attention to make it work.

Kate in her new role

“We sat there and Lee said: ‘Right, you have 12 months; we will do the swap and we’ll see where we are, if I need to go away or not.

“We’re five months down the line and he’s done a brilliant job of daddy day care. The boys love having him around.”

A kickboxing friend told her about a new business opportunity and sent her a video showing a woman putting cream under her eyes and big bags disappearing in two minutes. At the time, the video had just gone viral across the water and the product in question, Instantly Ageless, was about to come to the UK.

“He said I know you are looking for something, this actually works and about to come to the UK, it’s network marketing, get involved with it now,” she said.

“I looked at it and I researched the company and the way they do things and you know when you just come across something that just feels like it’s meant to be. It was like everything I’ve ever done – the marketing, looking after teams of instructors, this that and the other, it all prepared me for this opportunity.

Kate and her team

"And so I became one of the first Scottish independent distributors for Jeunesse. And I started from scratch with no clients, just did all of the training and taught myself how to do marketing using social media and bang, off it went.”

Now Kate has around 126 distributors and team members across the whole of the UK and is making her way through the different levels the company sets. While Kate has been involved in similar business models in the past, it never worked as she was too far down the chain to make any real profit. This time it’s very different.

She said: “As it is network marketing, you get distributors below you, they get distributors below them. You can end up earning money from six different ways. So that’s why I appealed to me, I am at the top of the tree. It’s very exciting.

“A lot of it is internet-based which is great cause I can do it when the kids are here. If I can do it with twins and a 10-year-old, anyone can do it.”

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