Move to city is risk worth taking

Aberdeen-based CPS is one of the largest fabricators for the North Sea oil industry.

The company plays a vital role in keeping hydrocarbons flowing from ageing installations by replacing all types of worn-out fixtures and fittings ranging from massive pipes to handrails.

A key employee who helps keep operations running efficiently and smoothly at CPS is Ticu Poalelungi, one of the UK’s highest-qualified welding engineers.



NAME: Ticu Poalelungi

AGE: 37

JOB: Chartered welding engineer



I was born in Romania, where I graduated with a MSc in engineering and a BSc in welding technology and equipment, initially working there as a welding engineer in shipyards before coming to England to work in 2010. I had friends there.

The following year, I moved to Aberdeen to join the oil industry. It was a big risk, as I had never even been in the city before and did not know how I would get on, but my family have settled in well. It was initially a challenge getting used to the north-east accent, though thankfully I have no real problems understanding it now.

I joined CPS as a chartered welding engineer more than a year ago.
An important part of my role is making sure our team of more than 100 welders are all properly trained so we consistently deliver a first-class product.

I'm usually in the office at Dyce around 6am. As well as being able to avoid rush-hour traffic, It is very important for me to start early to be able to clear any e-mails which have come in since the previous evening, finish any outstanding tasks, start preparing for meetings and get on with other work.

Most of my time is office-based, but I also get out and about. I regularly conduct inspections and monitor our workshops, as well as speaking to clients on a daily basis.


It's always busy, so I usually eat a sandwich while getting on with work.


A typical afternoon can include welding procedure qualifications being run with certified body involvement and client welding inspectors.

There is a lot more to welding at CPS than just picking up a blowtorch. For example, our clients have a choice of more than 500 welding procedure specifications we have to work to. That is quite a long list.

To have everything in place before fabrication starts, I have to establish welding routes and maps to guide production and inspection personnel to comply with required welding procedures and standards. Also, testing our welders for certification, preparing technical reports and audit participation are all part of maintaining a quality service to clients.

Ticu 2


I usually get out of the office in the late afternoon. I spend most of my time in the evening with my wife Maricica and our little girl Maria, who was born
in Aberdeen and is now 19 months old.

I now think of Aberdeen as home. One thing I like about the city is the wide variety of different nationalities here.

It has also been good to get out and about and begin to explore the north-east. I was very taken with Stonehaven.

I also like photography, reading, taking long walks and watching TV.



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