Never too late for a career change

Inspired to join the police by his family, taking the decision to swap the beat for a career in technology has paid off for James Buckley.

Now a project manager for software specialist Codify, the former police sergeant believes it is never too late to change career path.

James credits his police background with helping him develop the expertise he uses in day-to-day life at Codify – a software company which is a specialist in the oil and gas industry as well as working in a number of other sectors – and emphasises the importance of being aware of your core skill-set, and how it can be transferred to other industries.

James Buckley

The 37-year-old had been looking towards leaving the police, which prompted him to explore his future options.

He said: “My grandfather was in the police so from a young age I wanted to be a policeman. When I was 18, I decided it was time to join the force and I was with them until early last year. Changing career path can be a daunting prospect but it does offer the opportunity for change and personal development.

“I have always been interested in IT and attended a city technical college which was very advanced and unique for that time. I had studied computer science at Aberdeen University and taught myself how to develop phone apps. I have always had a huge passion for this and technology and joining the Codify team was a wonderful opportunity for me.”

James’ day-to-day role involves leading clients through the life cycle of their project and managing all work that Codify is undertaking on their behalf.

He said: “Codify as a company is at the forefront of the technology industry which is hugely exciting. The thrill for me is that the technology is constantly changing, which brings both excitement and challenges to my role.

James Buckley

“After 17 years in the police you think you are destined to be a police officer forever. It is not until you start looking at your core skill-set and knowledge that you can take away from the policing arena and bring into other sectors that you realise that you can change and follow another path. I think this is relevant for everyone and can be applied to the majority of industries.”

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