Oil career progression slick for Lesley-Anne

Turning a job into a career takes more than just a willing employee; businesses often have to be prepared to put as much effort into identifying potential and developing staff as they expect to see from the performances.

A job as a recruitment assistant for a leading oil and gas consultancy set Lesley-Anne Tollerton on course for a career in HSE co-ordination for major offshore operators in the North Sea oil and gas industry after her employer set out a clear plan for her development.

The 29-year-old joined Aberdeen based ADIL in July 2012 and was promoted to a post as an HSE technical assistant in less than a year. From there she moved on to become an HSE co-ordinator and then junior HSE adviser – her third promotion in as many years.

“When it came to changing my career, I realised that I wanted to work in a role that had a clear and defined employee development strategy, so I would always know I was working to improve myself, as well as add to the performance of a business,” said Lesley-Anne.

Lesley-Anne Tollerton

“My own career progression has accelerated since moving into the oil and gas industry. Within a year of starting an opportunity came up to apply for a technical assistant role within the HSE department and within that job I knew there were opportunities to take part in training courses and formal certification to progress further in my career.”

Lesley-Anne’s progress came when her employer recognised her excellent performance and took the decision to support her further qualifications alongside her day-to-day work. Lesley-Anne gained her National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health certificate and a quality management systems internal auditor qualification among others via courses and distance learning at training centres and North East College Scotland, all while working full time.

“Although my role doesn’t involve working offshore, I have had the opportunity to be onsite and near offshore barges when they are being loaded up before being deployed to an installation. That practical experience of seeing how machinery all comes together has enriched my knowledge of the oil and gas industry.


“I’m fortunate to be employed by a company that see people as assets to be invested in. I have even worked with our managing director on client projects and he is always encouraging us to challenge ourselves and develop new skills and expertise.

“It can be daunting moving into a new industry, but I found I have a lot more career freedom and aspirations in the oil and gas sector than I ever had working in retail or customer services. The working environment I’m in now changes every day, and each client project brings new challenges and variables to test my skills and knowledge. I couldn’t imagine leaving the energy industry now after learning so much in a highly rewarding role.”


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