Pair 'Rebel' in workplace love affair

With love in the air as Valentine’s Day fast approaches, an Aberdeen couple have tied the knot after successfully navigating the perilous waters of a workplace romance.
Apprentice tattoo artist Carol Deeley, 31, married her fiancee and boss, Robin Cannon, who owns Rebel Ink in Aberdeen, in Edinburgh last weekend following an eight-year relationship which included Carol doing some of her first real tattoo’s on her trusting partner.
Carol began her art career at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen before going into the bar trade. It was there she met Robin and went on to join the team at Rebel – eventually getting engaged on Carol’s 29th birthday.

Robin and Carol Cannon
While learning her trade, Carol is not allowed to tattoo paying customers until she has practiced for months or even years on fake, rubber skin and friends who have volunteered body space for her to hone her craft, including husband Robin on whom she inked her first colour piece – a tequila bottle.
Last weekend Saturday 7 February) the pair tied the knot in the Edinburgh Caves in front of friends and family, including all the Rebel Ink team, and said the experience of working together has not soured the romance between them and instead has strengthened their bond.
Robin and Carol were joined at the top of the aisle by Robin’s five best men including Lee Aitken, one of Rebel Ink’s tattoo artists, with all the groomsmen in customised jackets with the studio’s name emblazoned across the back.
Robin, 31, said: “We have worked together for a long time and, although we see a lot of one another, it has never been a problem and we are still able to leave work at the shop when we get home and have husband and wife relationship as opposed to an employer and employee one we have at work.
“I have always been happy to let Carol tattoo me as I know that she needs the experience to be able to produce top work like our full-time artists and I trust her skills and the teaching she has received from our artist Lee to know that I am not going to be left with anything hideous.”
Carol said: “It's been a learning curve. Some days we don't see each other as Robin is up on the studio floor while I am downstairs in the tattoo room. We try to keep work and home life separate but this can be hard because work is Robin’s life. We've managed to make it work for a year together at the shop so we must be doing something right.”
Rebel Ink, formerly Retro Rebels, is one of Aberdeen’s longest established tattoo and piercing studios based on the city’s George Street. The studio houses four tattoo artists, a body piercer and an apprentice tattooer and regularly welcome guest artists from across the world.
With so much love in the air at Rebel Ink, the studio has special offers on piercing over Valentine’s weekend for couples who are looking to get a permanent statement of their devotion.

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