Power up with this handy handbag

If you are like me, then in the past few years you have become very dependent on your mobile phone during working hours.

It’s no longer just the device you phone or text people from – mine is my satnav, my way to stay on top of work e-mails while out on a job and on some occasions, my notepad for when pen and paper are non-existent.

All this extra usage has its downside though – the battery is constantly needing charged which is a pain when you are using it away from your desk.

Ivanka Trump – daughter of Donald Trump and a very successful businesswoman in her own right – must experience similar issues as she has devised a product to combat that very problem – a handbag that has the ability to charge your phone.

Ivanka Trump

She has created a line of chargeable handbags that are practical and look good. The businesswoman launched her first “wearable tech” product towards the end of last year and the line is now expanding in 2016.

Her website reads: “Our Rio Tech Pouch and quilted Soho Totes come with perfectly pocketed portable chargers – just use your trusty USB cord to plug your phone into our mighty mini battery park, and be on your way. You can thank us later.”

Ivanka Trump

The new range of handbags are priced between £67 and around £230.

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