Quenching the thirst of eager workers

A beautiful location, stunning views and the chance to learn a whole range of skills – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well it can be a reality for one person who takes up the opportunity put forward by Deeside Mineral Water as part of the Press and Journal’s Apprentice 100 campaign.

The Ballater-based company will join more than 40 other businesses who have answered our call and helped us get closer to our target of creating 100 apprenticeships in 100 days.

It has agreed to add an apprentice to its payroll and teach them a whole range of skills.

Martin Simpson, managing director of Deeside Mineral Water, said: “I think it’s a brilliant campaign and I think what the Press and Journal is doing is fantastic. We are very happy to take part.

Martin Simpson

“Our apprentice will be learning lots of new skills that will be beneficial to our business but also for that person as well. They’ll learn a lot that they can use for whatever they choose to do in the future.”

Martin said that the opportunity offered a young person to get a job in quite an unusual field.

“There are very few bottlers in this area,” he said.

“Obviously you have the whisky guys up in Speyside but there is no one else doing bottled water in this area. I think the nearest would be in Banff and then down at Forfar, but there is nobody else in the immediate area that’s bottling water on a commercial scale. It is unique.

Office view

“We have a fabulous setting, views across the valley, it’s a beautiful place. There is a very long history with the spring as it has been there for centuries. Ballater grew up because of the springs, it grew up as a spa town. So Queen Victoria came to visit from Balmoral and we still have a royal connection because we bottle water for Duchy Originals, which is the charitable food company established by the Prince of Wales.”

Complementing the historic ties is the company’s modern facilities and warehouse where the apprentice will be working.

Martin said that they were in need of someone who could learn about all aspects of the production side of the business – and decided to give a youngster the chance to become that person.

“The apprentice will get a whole range of training on aspects such as health and safety, food hygiene,” Martin said.

“They will also be trained on operational aspects such as running bottle machines as well as stock control, operating fork lifts, loading lorries and do paperwork. It’s a very hands-on job.

Spring source

“At the moment, our factory manager knows how to do everything and other staff can cover some elements, but the desire to have another person that knows everything is very appealing.”

To become a Deeside Mineral Water apprentice, contact info@deesidewater.co.uk

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