Rotating roles for young apprentice

Name: Stevie Low
Age: 18
Job: Operations Apprentice
Company: Aberdeen Asset Management


I stay at Rosehill and depending on the weather I will walk to our offices at Union Plaza, just off Union Street, or take the bus.

As I’m taking driving lessons just now, some mornings before work my mum takes me out for some extra practice in her car, which can be stressful for us both if the roads are busy with rush hour commuters.

When I arrive at the office I make a cup of peppermint tea and check my emails.

I’m currently nearing the end of a four month rotation in the finance department and every day is different and presents new challenges depending on which team I’m with. I’m a helping hand to pick up workloads where I’m needed so I assist on different projects and learn a lot from the teams.  

The key thing is to be flexible and adaptable and to communicate with the different teams, find out where I’m needed, establish a workload and get on with the day.

I’m heading to e-marketing for my next rotation, a web based department maintaining and managing websites. This department will be different from anything I’ve done before, it will offer new opportunities to expand my skill set.

Stevie Low

As a young apprentice I feel really valued, and staff in all departments are always willing to support young driven adults coming into the company.  I like to think we come with fresh minds and an eagerness to learn and see the wider picture.


Lunchtime is a time to stretch the legs, and our offices are very central so I pop out for some errands and a bite to eat.

It is also a good time to catch up with the other apprentices in the staff kitchen. We’ve made great friendships and it’s good to hear how their rotations are going.

The company runs lunch and learn sessions which provides a chance to hear from different people from all areas of the business and to network too.


As well as working in different departments, there’s a lot of studying and I’m currently working on a qualification in business administration. The beauty of the apprenticeship scheme is that it allows us to take real ownership of our learning and we are constantly  encouraged to develop. We have had extensive training on developing our presentation skills and there are plenty of opportunities to practice.

We are encouraged to participate in things like lunch and learns and I’ve been working on a parents’ evening presentation for school leavers and their parents coming into the office to find out what the apprenticeship programme offer and to see round the site. It’s funny to think that this time last year, I was one of those school leavers.

Fundraising is also part of the apprenticeship and every year apprentices take on a different challenge and in the past it has been The Micro Tyco and Millionmakers challenges.

This year we are keeping it local and taking part in the Dragon’s Glen Challenge and raising money for CHILDREN 1st, a charity that supports Scotland’s vulnerable children so we need to think about ideas for raising money both within and outwith the office.


I’m a sociable person and like going out with friends. I have always been a rather passionate musician, I find that it’s a great way to relax and I would never turn down the opportunity to go to a concert or seeing what Aberdeen has to offer.

Being involved with fundraising also occupies some of my free time and currently I’m working with Tillydrone Vision. They work to offer support to those living in impoverished communities in Uganda. I have recently returned from a two week trip with the charity and offered support to schools and a hospital in a small community in Uganda.

Stevie Low in Uganda

Aberdeen Asset Management offers fun and interesting projects that keep employees engaged, with a social committee and charities committee.
A challenge offered to new employees is a rowing competition in which
teams compete against each other and we’re about to start training for that.

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