Ruby year for Dean's staff

Name: Matthew Steward
Age: 41
Job title: Area team leader
Company: Dean’s

Most mornings I get up about 3am-3.30am. I always have breakfast and most of the time it’s porridge with some sort of fruit (trying to be healthy) and always coffee  –  at that time in the morning you need it. I then sit down and catch up with the news and weather.

I have a shave and shower and leave at 4.10am I did not realise until writing this I had such a routine and most mornings I keep to time.
I arrive at work about 4.30am, sometimes open up, and walk through production switching on some of the machinery. It is so quiet in the factory, and empty. This is a good time to clear your head before the shift starts.
I check e-mails for anything requiring attention from the previous shift or our team leader, Steve. Discuss anything with my other area team leader, Elaine, and plan morning production. Also talk with key operatives.
Most Mondays during our busy time of the year I am involved with inductions of new staff, explaining policy, procedures, safety and hygiene. This will be from 9am onwards. I get them kitted out in their PPE (whites) from our laundry staff. I try to get a break at about 7.15am  –  just a quick coffee and a snack.

Matthew Stewart


Depending on schedule, break or “lunch” at 11am and again this will be a snack and coffee. If it is a Monday it might be a break with new starts and a time to find out more about them.


Afternoons finish most days at 1pm. Sometimes I spend some time dressed as Dean’s mascot, Shortie, who was recently out on a tour of Scotland to mark Dean’s 40th anniversary, or I finish induction paperwork.

Get home and have my lunch. I always try to have this ready or just reheat when I get home so don’t have to cook.


Might catch up with shopping, gardening, home improvements.


My partner gets home at 5pm and we have tea together and chat about the day. We usually spend the rest of the evening watching some TV (thank god for Sky Plus). I usually go to bed about 7-8pm. I always like to be prepared for the following day.

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