Safety trickles down from rigs to classrooms

A leading safety training firm has helped a local school to encourage safe thinking and improve safety behaviours of pupils by hosting a bespoke training workshop.

Falck Safety Services, a global leader in health, safety, survival and wind training, partnered with North Sea oil producer, EnQuest and behavioural safety specialists, CPD Training to deliver tailored safety workshops to pupils at Tullos School in Aberdeen.

The firm, which delivers more than 200 safety and survival training courses to more than 340,000 people each year, worked with 55 pupils to promote good safety behaviours, sharing essential tools and techniques to help pupils to think and behave safely.   

The primary five pupils participated in three different workshops throughout the day, which covered individual safety, safety conversations and thinking about the future with both practical and interactive training used to develop safe thinking.

CPD trainers and representatives from Falck and EnQuest, led the first session which concentrated on individual safety, discussing the risks and hazards both at school and outwith including, wearing headphones when crossing the road, to help the pupils to understand the consequences about the choices they make on a daily basis.

Following on from this session, the group had to split into teams and design a slogan for a safety campaign, which would be entered into a prize draw. The workshops also educated pupils to talk about safety and stop someone if they noticed possible risks, in role-play scenarios. This helped to increase self-awareness and confidence of the pupils to stop, think and act to keep themselves and others safe.

Managing director of Falck Safety Services UK, Colin Leyden, said: “As a business, we live and breathe safety and although the majority of our training is aimed at the onshore and offshore training, we have a strong passion for educating people and businesses on general safety behaviour processes. At Falck, we have a common goal of people helping people and we think that vision can be encouraged with anyone at any age so it is great to work with the young pupils from Tullos and provide the skills that will keep them safe, whether at school, home and when they get older and begin to work.”

PR and communications manager at EnQuest, Gillian McKenna, said: “The great feedback from all the pupils and teachers involved clearly demonstrates that we met our objective of getting the pupils to think about their own safety and the safety of others.  We have a long-standing community partnership with Tullos School and are delighted to have been able to partner with Falck and CPD on this occasion to encourage safe thinking and improve safety behaviours.”

Aileen McGowan, head teacher at Tullos School, said: “We really appreciate staff from Falck Safety Services, EnQuest and CPD Training taking time out of their busy schedules to deliver these safety workshops at our school.  It was a great experience for the pupils to learn all about their safety and the safety of others, which will benefit them now and in the future. The teachers involved in the workshops also enjoyed the workshops.”


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