Science centre founder honoured

Aberdeen Science centre has a heritage that spans over 26 years thanks to the efforts of a team of dedicated individuals – at the forefront of this was Dr Lesley Glasser MBE.


Committed to making the science centre hands-on, and a place where people could feel wholly connected to the inspiring nature of science, Lesley was recognised for her work in establishing the centre at a graduation ceremony at the University of Aberdeen.


Over a million people have passed through the science centre’s doors since it opened in 1990, formerly known as Satrosphere – a name derived from The Science and Technology Regional Organisation or SATRO, which Lesley played a key role in establishing.


Liz Hodge, chief executive of Aberdeen Science Centre, said: “We are delighted that Lesley, who was so instrumental in the establishment of Aberdeen Science Centre, is being recognised for her achievements.


“There’s no doubt that Lesley fully deserves this honour as we have become a STEM Hub where everyone can interact with science in a way that’s meaningful to them, something we consider key in engaging all ages in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


“At this pivotal moment in the centre’s history, with Lesley’s honour highlighting how far we have come and how far we plan to go, we are currently reaching out to partners to work with us on our ambitious plans to redevelop centre.”

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