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Name: Gillian Henderson
Age: 32
Job title: Operations director
Company: Trace Learning Solutions

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning at around 6am –  and before my little girl, Isla, wakes up  –  I like to get everything organised for the day ahead. My husband, Neil, Isla and I then enjoy breakfast together. This quality time with my family is the perfect start to my day and puts me in a great mood!

I then drop Isla, who is almost two years old, at her granny’s house where she gets spoiled and has lots of fun, and usually arrive at my desk around 9am, ready to catch up on e-mails.

Client meetings usually kick off at 10am, and this is a great part of my job as face-to-face contact with our clients is much more beneficial than always speaking via e-mail or telephone. We have a mix of clients across different industries, from oil and gas to construction, so my meetings can be quite varied.

We regularly meet with new or potential clients, and these are vital for us to fully understand their training needs, and develop a robust structure that will enhance their training and competence processes.

We often find that many organisations manage and track their personnel’s training within Excel spreadsheets, however our learning management system can streamline their existing booking processes, and provide them with a comprehensive training management system that includes individual record management and full reporting capability.

As we also have individual clients that book training courses through our online portal, we can be asked a variety of questions, for example what specific courses entail or what courses  they should book.

So between morning meetings, I have been pulling together FAQs for our new website, and to allow our staff to efficiently help our clients.

Gillian Henderson

If I am lucky enough to have the luxury of a lunch hour, I like to get away from my desk and take some time out from my busy working day. I like going to the gym on my lunch as it really helps clear my mind!


No two days at Trace are the same – one afternoon I’m in back-to-back meetings, and the next I’m jetting into the North Sea with Survitec Survival Craft Marine Training Academy to experience the company’s range of OPITO-certified marine rescue courses first-hand.

Survitec Survival Craft Marine Training Academy recently joined Trace, as we provide them with a platform to market and advertise their courses, so this was a really helpful afternoon.

We pride ourselves in fully understanding the courses on offer to our clients, so when training providers give us the opportunity to put ourselves in a candidate’s shoes, whether that is to operate a forklift, sit through a hypnotherapy session, or go out to sea in a rescue boat, then of course we aren’t going to turn this down.

These experiences ultimately help us to improve our service, as we are able to answer client questions and promote and recommend the right courses to the right people. It’s also a lot of fun and definitely beats sitting at my desk all day.


I typically finish work at 5pm, and when I get home we have some family fun before we sit down for tea. My little girl loves her bath time, which is a lot of fun in our house – lots of water and bubbles.

After Isla goes to bed, it’s normally back to work duties for me, although I am guilty of watching the soaps!

Trace Learning Solutions is approaching its first birthday at the end of October, and this has truly been an exciting and satisfying year for me.

I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to manage training if you don’t have the right tools, systems or visibility of courses, and it’s great to see the success of our services in companies across an increasing range of industries.

Gillian Henderson at work

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