Take a break

As the UK heads off on summer holidays, new research shows even travelling to a foreign country no longer guarantees leaving work worries at home.

A survey of 1,000 UK workers by leading call answering service alldayPA, reveals one in four still communicate with the office while abroad, 19% take work calls, and 25% check and answer e-mails, 8% even pack laptops and plan to finish off work while away.

And despite higher charges for calls and data abroad, 76% of holiday workers plan to use hotel wifi for unlimited access to e-mails and work files.

Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, said: “The devices we rely on at home to keep us connected no longer stop connecting us just because we leave the country.

“Work-related worries follow us on holiday, making it hard to unwind and take a much needed break from our day-to-day lives.”


Holiday workers also admitted putting in early shifts or late nights to avoid work encroaching on their holiday during the daytime and to avoid arguments. 23% say their children or partner regularly complain about them working while ‘off-duty.’

Time differences also present no barrier to determined holiday workers, with some admitting to working as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.


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