Take charge of your happiness

Karran Bonner is the facilitator and coach at Brightside. This week, she looks at what makes employees happy at work.

For many of you reading this, you will be experiencing that Friday feeling. The clock-watching of your 40-hour week is nearing an end and the weekend is fast approaching. For others, you might be reading the newspaper over the weekend and already experiencing a sense of dread as Monday draws near. Whatever your feelings, it brings us to the topic of happiness at work.

I always say in my workshops if you aren’t happy at work it’s worse than being in an unhappy relationship, as during the week you spend more time at work than with your loved ones. Why then do so many people settle in a job they loathe? Supporting people to be happy, confident and successful at work is a passion of mine. I have put together some ideas to help you improve your happiness at work.


So many people I speak to are ruled by their inbox and e-mail communication, switching on the computer as soon as you get into the office. Instead I am challenging you to STOP and to start your day in a positive way. Write down three things that you want to do today, all of which will help you to progress your career, projects or happiness. By having three simple goals or things you want to achieve in your day then you will be more focused and likely to achieve a strategic approach to work.


Personal development and learning in the workplace are often sitting low down the priority list. For me, spending a minimum of two hours per week on your learning will reward you massively in the future. Reading a book on your subject area, watching some motivational online videos and speaking to a colleague on a topic area can all be ways of developing yourselves. If there is the opportunity to attend new training or coaching programmes within your organisation then do it – invest the time in yourself and you will see more opportunities arise. The more you develop yourself and enhance your knowledge the happier and more fulfilled you will feel.


By positively interacting with colleagues your overall happiness will arise. If you can acknowledge people for the work they are doing, support they are giving and overall performance you will be making someone’s day. When you give positive feedback and appreciation you enhance your own happiness. People will be more keen to work with someone who values their input – so do it often, make it your aim to recognise one person per day. Whether it be a simple thank you for help with a query or an appreciative e-mail to a colleague. Whatever you do you will feel better for valuing others.

These are a few simple ways to feel happier at work. If you would like to discuss some more ideas feel free to get in touch: info@brightsideinspiration.com






If you aren’t happy at work it’s worse than being in an unhappy relationship

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