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AAF International is a global leader in gas turbine filtration technology. Offshore oil and gas installations around the world rely on its systems to deliver enhanced production efficiency, cleaner air, greater fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.


AAF International recently acquired Stejasa, a leading manufacturer of diverter dampers, hot gas exhaust systems and flue gas dampers. Headquartered in Madrid, Stejasa has sold more than 10,000 dampers to date and has customers around the globe.


Its acquisition extends the product offering and expertise of AAF, already ranked among the world’s top suppliers of gas turbine auxiliary equipment such as combustion air intake filtration systems, ventilation systems, acoustic enclosures, silencers and noise barriers.


Darren Allsopp, chief operating officer of AAF’s power and industrial division, said: “The acquisition brings many synergies which reinforces our core competencies. Stejasa’s expertise and experience will open up new opportunities as we look to become the supplier of choice for gas turbine solutions. The future prospects are very exciting.”


Founded over 90 years ago, AAF supplies air filtration equipment to the oil and gas sector and a wide range of other industries. From its world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, it runs operations in 24 countries and is owned by Daikin of Japan, the world’s biggest manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment.


AAF’s gas turbine solutions business has grown by more than 30 per cent since 2010. Ross Hamilton, marketing and communications leader, said: “Our ambition is to become the world’s number one supplier of gas turbine solutions by 2020. Our product and service offering is vast but our aim is to keep advancing our capabilities.


“Our research and development programme will remain focused on finding new ways to enable our customers to reduce downtime and operational costs and maximise energy efficiency.


“We will be launching a number of innovative, added-value products in 2017 and increasing the coverage and diversity of the services we offer to the oil and gas sector.”

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