This job is out of this world

For many kids and adults alike, getting paid to go into space is the ultimate dream job.

And while many astronauts’ main job in the universe is to work aboard the International Space Station, who knows where Nasa will send them next?

For those who think they could be the next Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong, you might want to take a visit to the Aberdeen Science Centre, Satrosphere.

Backed by the UK Space Agency, science centres across the country have joined forces with the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake, to provide children with a unique opportunity to join his crew, learn about human space flight and follow life on the International Space Station (ISS) and discover the great opportunities for young people across the science and space sector.


In the run up to Tim’s launch to the ISS on December 15, a calendar of family shows and live events are being held in Aberdeen Science Centre including meet-the-expert sessions and a live astronaut science show that will engage and inspire audiences with Tim’s Principia mission.   

Visitors can take part in experiments, watch rocket demonstrations, try their very own hovercrafts, interact with space equipment and see video from the International Space Station, as well as discover unique exhibitions.

Destination Space is a partnership between the Association of Science and Discovery Centres, the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency. As well as learning about Tim Peake’s work on the International Space Station, the programme will celebrate the team behind Tim, highlighting great opportunities for young people within the science and space sectors.  

Liz Hodge, CEO at Aberdeen’s Science Centre, Satrosphere, said: “This programme gives visitors an overview of all the exciting aspects of space science.”

“Aberdeen’s Science Centre mission is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem) and Tim Peake’s Destination Space – Join the Crew! programme is a fabulous opportunity to inspire and engage young people with fun and hands-on Stem activities.”

International space station

To join the Destination Space crew and find out about events at Scotland’s science centres go to:   


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