This job leaves you feeling inspired

Name: Carla Furneaux

Age: 23

Job title: Marketing and communications manager

Company: Aberdeen Inspired


My alarm goes off at 7am and I grab a bite to eat for breakfast if time allows. I’ll make my lunch for the day ahead and then I’ll get ready to leave the house at 8am.

Our offices are located on Upperkirkgate in the heart of Aberdeen, so it’s a 45 minute walk and then the working day officially begins.

Carla Furneaux

On arrival, the morning routine usually consists of checking the paper and our social media channels to get a good understanding of the latest city centre news.

Once I’ve cleared my e-mails, I always have mid-morning catch-ups with Aberdeen Inspired’s project managers where we can all share ideas and forthcoming plans.

At the moment, we have a number of exciting developments that are ongoing, from our proposal for the upper St Nicholas rooftop garden, to our innovative wayshowing initiative.

We currently have around 700 levy payers within the BID (Business Improvement District) zone and it is my role to make sure they are updated regularly on the latest projects and plans.

This could be through our weekly newsletter, press activity and even face-to-face meetings; these tactics all have an important role to play.


On particularly busy days, I will have a working lunch at my desk, grabbing a bite to eat whenever I can.

On quieter days, I like to head out and about for something. Being based in the city centre, we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to different delis and eateries and there is always something tasty on offer.  


Afternoons are predominantly taken up with meetings, but this aspect of my job, along with networking, is one that I really enjoy.

Catching up with our levy paying businesses to find out more about their commercial goals and how we may be able to help is integral to the success of our organisation.

This can range from offering some space in our newsletter or helping promote them on our social media channels, it all has an important part to play.

I also often have update meetings with various partners that are involved with Aberdeen Inspired.

Aberdeen Inspired project

We’re currently working with a company called Swiipii to trial a digital loyalty platform for 20 businesses with a view to rolling it out across the BID zone. Feedback on this service and how we may be able to improve it is essential.

On top of this, we have regular team meetings to ensure we are all communicating effectively within the office. As there are often a number of things ongoing at one time, this again carries added importance.

My regular finish time is around 5pm and after work I usually head straight to the gym for an hour.

I find that taking part in a session really helps me to relax after a busy day and it’s also great for coming up with new ideas as I’m at my most creative when outside the office.

Once I’m finished, I’ll either head home or catch-up with a friend. I’m currently in the process of moving house with my boyfriend so a lot of our time is being taken up with the paperwork surrounding this.

My role at Aberdeen Inspired is a challenging one, but this is exactly what attracted me to the position when I applied for it.

As the organisation approaches its renewal ballot next year, it’s good to have a distinct goal to work towards at what is an exciting period of transition for the city and its centre.

It’s great to be a part of making positive changes to the area we operate within and I’m looking forward to our exciting projects coming to fruition in the months and year ahead.

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