Tool technician is boxing clever

When subsea tool technician Tim Blott, 38, wanted to improve his fitness without joining a gym or pounding the pavements, he explored the world of martial arts. Fast forward a few years and Tim is now one of the World Kickboxing Association’s Scottish Champions.

Tim, who works for Westhill based subsea company Ashtead Technology, is facing his biggest challenge yet – competing in Scotland’s premier kickboxing tournament, the Edinburgh Open. 

Tim said: “Some people are really surprised when I tell them what I do in my spare time, and although I’ve always enjoyed watching kickboxing, I never thought about taking it up as a way to keep fit. What started off as a hobby quickly became a passion. Many people are put off because it’s an incredibly skilful and tactical sport, but if anything, I have proved that anyone can do it.

Tim Blott

“However, it has been tough trying to strike the right work life balance with such a physically demanding sport. I quickly discovered that if I want to juggle a career and martial arts, I needed to implement a strict schedule to manage my time effectively and remain focussed, both in the office and in kickboxing.” 

Tim started kickboxing in 2012 at Dragon School of Blackbelts in Aberdeen, where he still trains every week with his step-daughter. He recently battled through the Irish Open where he was beaten by a fighter from the “Top Ten Germany” team.

“I’ve competed in a number of competitions across the country and as a result, I’ve suffered a few injuries along the way. Fighters are regularly left battered and bruised, but that’s just what comes with the sport. You have to be prepared to take a few knocks, but it’s coming back from an injury that is the tough part; if anything, it just makes you more determined,” said Tim.

His employer, Ashtead Technology, recently sponsored Tim’s kickboxing club through the provision of new training kits. 

Tim Sheehan, commercial director at Ashtead Technology, said: “Where possible, we support our staff and their interests both in and out of the workplace. We’re extremely proud of Tim and everything he has achieved so far. He is so dedicated to his sport and has big ambitions for a future in kickboxing. We hope that our support will help Tim and his team mates continue to represent Aberdeen at kickboxing competitions across the country.” 

Tim added: “The support from Ashtead Technology has been a great boost for the fight team. With 19 members and very little funding, it’s extremely 
difficult to keep local clubs like this alive. We have to rely on our own fundraising efforts and sponsorship to continue doing what we love. Kickboxing is rapidly growing across the UK and I hope one day it’s accepted as an Olympic sport.

“The Edinburgh Open is one of the biggest kickboxing competitions in Scotland, so I really want to make sure I give it my best shot, and with Ashtead’s support I am off to a flying start.”

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