Trainee Owean is fresh Mint

Name: Owean Hodge
Age: 23
From: Anguilla
Job title: Graduate trainee
Works at: Mint Accounting
Qualifications: Accountancy and Management Studies (MA)

What does your role involve?

My role at Mint is already quite varied, even though I only joined in July having completed my degree. The main focus of my role is to support our contractor’s client manager. I provide support on client bookkeeping, VAT returns and management accounts preparation. On top of this, Mint graduates spend time in each department and I am currently working within the projects team meaning I am involved in anything from the review and implementation of new systems to marketing and branding.

What is your job's biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is being precise, not only in the calculation of figures but also in the way I choose to organise my time. As Mint offer full management report services to clients, there is a greater volume of work required every month than in a practice that only provides year-end reporting services. I need to ensure clients have up to date management reports every month to allow the client manager to meet with or have a call with the client to evaluate business performance.

What's the best thing about your job?

These days most graduates want to win big and lose small, however, my role at Mint Accounting affords me the diversity of meeting clients of varied backgrounds and sizes. This, coupled with my involvement with the projects team, has given me a wider view of what accounting in practice has to offer. I highly value the breadth of experience I am gaining. I have always considered myself different to my peers and Mint is exactly that, refreshingly different, so it suits me perfectly.

Best Career Advice?

When your back's against the wall, break the door down. Accounting, like many other graduate professions, is becoming increasingly competitive today and it is easy to give up on securing a graduate trainee role. Universities often focus on recruitment into the top companies but look outside the box. Being a graduate at an SME, such as Mint, often results in a more broad experience and provides the opportunity to play a part in the growth of a business. You are more likely to stand out and be recognised for your achievements.

What's your dream?

My dream is to become part of the senior management team at Mint, as I want to play a part in the growth and on-going success of the company. To do this I need to become a qualified accountant, so this is my first goal. I am starting my ACCA training in September so I am already on my way to achieving this.


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