Tv tagging could be your dream job

There are many ways in which people try to relax themselves. Some like to exercise, others like to have a large glass of wine and some like to soak in a bath for a few hours.

For me, sitting down in front of the TV for a few hours is relaxation heaven. It’s the perfect solution for illness, for rainy days ... and just about any excuse you can think of.

Apart from a film reviewer, I didn’t know of any other jobs you can get where you get paid to just watch TV shows and movies all day. Imagine my surprise then when I came across an article talking about a vacancy for a Netflix tagger.

TV tagging could be dream job

What is a Netflix tagger I hear you say? Well that’s what I said. According to the article, taggers have a variety of responsibilities, one being to categorise the films you can watch on the online streaming service.

They also come up with the viewing suggestions Netflix recommends to you when you sign in.

The benefits of this job outwith the fact you get to watch telly and get paid for it are pretty endless.

For starters you get to watch titles that aren’t necessarily on the service yet and sometimes Netflix will even send taggers to the movies to watch films they think they might be able to get later on.

Netflix opportunities

The downside is that if you think this would be a easy job, you’d be wrong. Tagging one film can take up to an hour, you have to pay close attention to the movie while watching and unfortunately you don’t get to choose what to watch so you could find yourself watching something you really hate.

Unfortunately it is only part-time so you would most likely need another form of income to pay for your dream job.


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