Unleash your inner ELF

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for those that love Christmas, anyway.

There’s presents and good food and the opportunity to watch films that you adored as a child such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Santa Clause.

I remember watching the second one especially and thinking how cool it would be to be an elf as a job. Now 20 years later I have discovered that job actually exists in real life.

A job advert for the post states that “as an elf you will assist Santa Claus to ensure each families visit to Lapland is a special and magical one”.

Santa's elf

It said: “Elves are only ever seen by our guests as elves, and not in any other capacity. Santa's elves are traditional Lappish elves   –  character work and performance experience is essential to adhere to the elf character at all times.

“You will spend a fair amount of time outdoors as well as in Santa's cabin, meet and greet the guests at the airport and ensure all of the presents are wrapped ready for Santa to deliver. A comprehensive and constant commitment to the Santa story is essential and only committed and responsible applicants with previous experience and training in acting will be considered. Children’s dreams are at stake.”

To be an elf you need a qualification in acting, theatre or drama, two years proven experience in a drama or theatrical setting and customer service and child care experience are also desirable.


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