Welcome to The School of Rock

It featured some of the coolest kids around – plus Jack Black – so we find out what happened  after they graduated from the School of Rock.


Miranda Cosgrove

The uber-confident Summer, nicknamed Tinkerbell by teacher Jack Black, was manager to the school band and has continued her success post the end credits. Since the 2003 film she has appeared in a string of TV shows and returned to the big screen with another hit – or at least her voice did. She plays Margo, the older sister in Despicable Me.


Joey Gaydos Jr

Who can forget Joey’s nimble fingers and his awesome guitar solos? He was amazing, so it’s no surprise that his career has gone down the musical route rather than acting. According to his Twitter page, he is now a musician, songwriter and producer and plays lead guitar for the band, Stereo Jane.

ROBERT TSAI aka Lawrence

Robert Tsai

He had one of the best lines of the film and seemed to be a pretty decent piano player too. Since the School of Rock, he has continued with piano and found fame with a dance group, Instant Noodles.


Brian Falduto

The one who made the School of Rock band look good, stylist “Billy” went back to education and studied at Wagner College, majoring in theatre and arts. He works for local radio stations and, according to media reports, hopes to return to acting. His Twitter page has his occupation as “working on a dream”.

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