West-End desires

Robbie Scott, 17, is a determined young man with big dreams.

Since the age of three, he has been performing. His mother, Rhonda Scott, runs the Scott School of Singing on Ashley Street in Aberdeen, so Robbie has always been exposed to the creative arts.

After two intense auditions, Robbie has been accepted to The Dance School of Scotland at Knightswood Secondary School in Glasgow. It is a school which incorporates musical theatre and dance training with normal academic classes.

Robbie Scott

Robbie said: “It started when I got selected for a national tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when it came to the HMT and I luckily got a place on that cast.

“It was amazing. It was the first time I had ever been on the HMT stage and I was just awestruck by the performers and the set and the theatre life in general.”

From that experience when he was nine, Robbie continued doing shows with his mother and with local groups, including Aberdeen Youth Music Theatre.

From performing at HMT in Joseph and His Technicolour Dream Coat, to being on the flagship Youth Music Theatre UK production in Belfast, to a two-and-a-half-week-long stint of Macbeth at the Edinburgh Fringe, Robbie has worked hard.

Robbie said: “Living that lifestyle for two and a half weeks fed my ambition and determination to carry on.

“It is demanding but it was for my passion, it was for theatre and I was doing that and it is what I love.

Juggling London College of Music exams, speech training, shows and school work has been a struggle with certain subjects.

Robbie Scott

“If I’m not good at something it annoys me and it will actually eat away at me until I am good at it,” said Robbie.

“I have always worked hard at English because I know how important it is for script reading or even just understanding texts or poetry.”

Leaving Aberdeen for Knightswood is a step in the direction of his west-end dreams. The school is a training centre where its pupils often go on to get accepted into other prestigious drama and stage schools.

Robbie said: “I would love to be Tony from West Side Story. I love West Side Story. Carrie Fletcher would be nice as Maria.

“I have always been a driven person. I can’t image myself doing anything else.”

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