Where are Hollywood's monsters now?

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without hiding behind a pillow while you watch a scary movie. We take a look at where some of those Hollywood monsters are today.



Freddy Kruger really is the stuff of nightmares – literally, he used to kill people in their dreams thus also ending their lives in real life. Over the course of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Robert Englund made Kruger a household name. After that, Englund continued with the horror genre and nowadays you can catch him on web series  Fear Clinic.

Robert Englund

LINDA BLAIR AKA Regan from The Exorcist

Linda Blair’s portrayal of possessed teenager Regan gained her an Academy Award nomination. In later years, she starred in a number of movies and made appearances on TV. It seemed she then turned her back on the showbiz world to concentrate on her first love – animals. In 2004 she set up a foundation for abandoned animals and is an active animal rights campaigner.

Linda Blair

MIKO HUGHES AKA Gage Credd from Pet Sematary

Miko appeared in numerous television shows and films as a child, but his roles as Gage from Pet Sematary and Dylan from New Nightmare made him a star in the horror genre. He also gained recognition for his roles in Mercury Rising and Apollo 13. According to IMDB he is still acting and other sources suggest he also works as a DJ.

GUNNAR HANSEN  AKA Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

He never intended to be an actor so it’s no surprise really that despite the major success of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and appearing in several other films, Gunnar took a decade-long break from Hollywood in 1977 and turned his attention to writing. Over the years he has published non-fiction books and poetry.

Gunnar Hansen

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