Where are they now: The Gladiators


aka Michael Van Wijk

He was the man everybody loved to
hate – and boo constantly every time he came on the screen. He’s now in his sixties and  apparently lives in New Zealand and runs an indoor play centre. Wonder if they have the travelator?

Lightning and Wolf

aka Kim Betts

One of the favourites, Kim Betts has run a number of businesses since the show ended, including property developing. Most recently, it is believed that she bought a farm with her husband.

aka Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

Saracen was one tough Gladiator and a hero to many. Turns out he’s pretty tough in real life too – after the show, he joined the fire service and apparently still serves as a fire fighter.


aka James Crossley

James Crossley

He’s probably most remembered as being in a relationship with the show’s presenter Ulrika Johnson. Since then, he has turned his hand to acting and has toured the UK and America with various theatre productions. He also presented his own fitness programme, Peak Performance.

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