Working in the booming industry

Scotland’s technology hub is booming with reports indicating the tech sector has grown by 43.4% over the past five years, higher than the UK average of 31.3%.

With 11,000 job opportunities in tech every year in Scotland, more people are making the switch to a career in the burgeoning industry.

When Andrew Lints studied Corporate Communication at Robert Gordon University, he didn’t know what career he wanted to pursue.

Andrew Lints

Fast-forward 15 years, Andrew can now be found in an office building deemed the ‘secret tech hub’ of Edinburgh as a principal at one of Scotland’s top tech companies, revenue integrity solutions leader Craneware.

Andrew said: “My time at university provided a great foundation with fantastic support from staff and varied communication topics, but I particularly enjoyed the research and communications aspect of technical writing.

“After developing my skills in London, I wanted to return to Scotland and luckily my experience in tech made it relatively easy to contract in Edinburgh.

“I love the challenges of working in tech and am glad I have ended up working in this industry, especially using an exciting tech stack and Agile at an internationally successful company.

“I’ve been at Craneware for over eight years and the skills I have developed here and the technologies I have worked with have been invaluable to me personally and for my career.”


Craneware is a market leader in automated revenue software for healthcare organisations and is currently in use in a quarter of hospitals in the United States.

The software helps US hospitals and healthcare providers effectively price, charge and code for services and supplies to optimise reimbursement and operational efficiency.

“I have been very lucky in my role, with business trips to Boston and Tennessee and flexible working conditions meaning I can spend quality time with my family,” Andrew added.

“I had no idea where I was going to end up in my career, but I enjoy knowing my work is making a difference and helping hospitals in the US to be more efficient and therefore focus on patients.

“I have had the opportunity to pave my own way within the business and have a great supportive team around me.

“Scotland’s tech scene is absolutely booming and it’s exciting to be involved in such an influential company.

“Scotland as a whole needs to shout out about its successes and really take pride in what we’ve achieved.”


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