Working life is sweet for Aileen

Name: Aileen Scott
Age: 31
Job title: Sales director
Company: Indigo Technologies



Monday to Thursday, I get up at the semi-reasonable time of 7.30am, have a shower and some breakfast and then have the challenge of getting my 10-year-old son Aaron up and out of bed. We have recently added a
gorgeous spaniel puppy, Macy, to our household. She is now one-year-old
and wild, so I let her out, feed her and take her for a quick walk round the block where I live. My dad arrives around 8am to help get Aaron ready and take him to school and I leave Portlethen around 8.15am to try and miss the Aberdeen traffic getting into the office, which is located in the centre of town on Carden Terrace.

Aileen Scott

On Friday mornings, I get up at the not-so-reasonable time of 5.30am and leave the house at 6.15am as I am a member of BNI Alpha, a chapter of the organisation Business Networking International, and we meet every Friday at the Cults Hotel from 6.30am until 8.45am. It is an early start but I really enjoy being a member of such a successful chapter and it is a great way to network, meet new people and scope out new business opportunities for Indigo. Plus, we get a great Scottish breakfast buffet each week.

Apart from Friday, I get into work every day around 8.45am, check my diary for the day and prepare for meetings, which most of my days are made up of. The first thing I do is check the service desk and see what calls have come in from during the night and in the morning and see if there is anything assigned to me.

I also check the closed calls and make sure the guys have put enough detail into the description of the jobs they have done to make sure when it gets sent out at the end of the month in the report, the clients can understand the description. If I have time before I start the day, I will check my e-mails, but most of the time I check them on the go.


Lunch always varies due to time, location and availability.  If I am out at meetings I grab what I can on the go and always have a stash of sweets in the car if all else fails. If I am in the office, I normally work through my lunch and eat at my desk but I do try and avoid this as I think it is really important to get a break. If I can, I will pop into town at lunch, which is the luxury of working so centrally, and spend some time in the shops.


Again this depends where I am as I am often out in meetings. I meet with a great number of different people and I love the varied nature of my job, with one meeting being very serious and technical, drawing on all my experience in my field, and the next being relaxed, informal and focused on relationship building.

I meet with a lot of IT managers, finance managers and office managers and I really enjoy travelling out to see my existing clients, having a catch-up and finding out how we can help grow their business by making them more productive.

Aileen Scott

Being a member of BNI Alpha, I often have one-to-ones with peers to find out how we can help each others’ businesses. I really enjoy finding out what’s going on in and around Aberdeen and keeping up to date with new companies starting up or opening premises, businesses changing their IT systems or people on the move. When I am not out at various meetings, I try to catch up on e-mail and admin work in the office, and spend time with my colleagues.


I finish work at 5.30pm and normally get home around 6pm. My fiancé gets home around the same time, so we make and have some dinner together and then I sit and help Aaron with his mass of homework. We have recently moved house and the past couple of months have consisted of unloading boxes, building furniture and having various workmen on site, so I really enjoy being able to sit and spend some time with family whether it’s watching TV, playing games or taking Macy for a walk to the community woodland park.

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