Would you love to work in your very own chocolate factory?

Inspired by the timeless film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the general deliciousness of chocolate, it’s no surprise kids and adults alike dream of working in a chocolate factory.

For Charlotte Flower, this dream is a reality.

Set in the breathtaking Perthshire Highlands, Charlotte has been making chocolates in her own workshop for eight years now.

Chocolate Factory

Having a taste for quality chocolate is essential  –  a skill that comes from tasting the very good, the bad and the just plain ugly.
However, the tasting doesn’t stop there. Charlotte matches each couverture chocolate with her foraged goods and locally sourced ingredients. Using coffee beans from local roasters, Glen Lyon Coffee, every six weeks, she sits down to a coffee and chocolate matching session.
Nibbling coffee beans then nibbling chocolate for an afternoon can only be described as a delight.

Keen to share her passion with others, during her down-time she hosts full-day chocolate workshops. Exploring different taste combinations with fellow chocolate lovers and taking them through the whole history and process is something of a hobby for Charlotte. The workshops could also be a great way to assess whether a job in chocolate making is one for you.


Making chocolate is a labour of love for Charlotte. She works from dusk till dawn: foraging, infusing, prepping, mixing, setting, packaging … and  tasting but she wouldn’t have it any other way. And let’s face it, having chocolate on tap certainly helps.   

To find out more and to buy Charlotte Flower Chocolates, visit www.charlotteflowerchocolates.com

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