As our Apprentice 100 campaign gears up, Duncan Abernethy, head of business and community development at NESCol, reveals 10 things you didn’t know about Modern Apprenticeships.

1. Modern Apprenticeships are not restricted to young people. Anyone aged 16 or over can take the opportunity to learn new skills and achieve industry recognised qualifications while working and earning. Our oldest MA is currently 42.

2. Apprenticeships cover almost all industries and typically last from two-four years.

3. Modern Apprentices have got to be in full-time employment before they can start.

4. NESCol takes care of 400+ Modern Apprentices in different industries and at different stages of training at any point in time.

5. Existing qualifications can still lead you to a MA (you don’t have to start at the beginning).

6. All training to achieve a Modern Apprenticeship is fully funded by Skills Development Scotland.

7. Our trained assessors carry out progress reviews with Modern Apprentices every three months.

8. A Modern Apprentice can be a newly recruited team member or an existing employee.

9. An experienced member of our team will visit you before the start of the programme to ensure that the job your apprentice will be doing fits the criteria for the vocational qualification.

10. Arranging a place is easy. Just call 01346 586110
or e-mail

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