The Interview

  • Lauren frames career success
    A passion for photography has helped a skilled accountant to focus on the books at a north-east chartered accountancy firm.
  • For Lauren Smith, 2017 has been quite a year. Within the last 12 months the teenager left school, secured employment, achieved 
an apprenticeship and moved from the family home into her first 
  • A father and son team have joined together to beat a gap in the market and create their own company.
  • The importance of apprenticeships
  • How can you make sure you do something you enjoy every day? Jobs In Scotland hears from Pip Barnwell, who turned her love for music into a job
  • Aberdeen opens up a world of careers, Jobs in Scotland learns.
  • P&J Recruitment hears how a postman swapped delivering parcels for passengers.
  • Norval Strachan, 51, is an expert on foodborne illnesses such as salmonella, listeria, campylobacter and cryptosporidium.
  • Is it ever too early to start planning your career? Natasha Mckim finds out how children can get ahead in their education.
  • Natasha Mckim talks to two sisters with a close working relationship.
  • Toys are more serious than they appear, writes Natasha Mckim. 
  • Shona Robertson grew up in Insch, where her parents still live, but has travelled all over the world. She tells Natasha Mckim about the big decision she made to take back control of her life and leave the sport she loved.
  • Find out what the faces on the other end of the phone look like, and what we can do for you in the re-launched P&J Recruitment, writes Natasha Mckim
  • From not knowing his way around a menu to creating Michelin star fine dining dishes, Graham Campbell’s career has been extraordinary.
  • The life studies of a graphic design artist.
  • Small companies can offer big opportunities. 
  • From hosting celebrities to dodging around film crews, Jess Tait has had a busy career.
  • Mandy Anderson, 31, started as the lettings manager with Dandara Living in November 2015. Jobs in Scotland finds out how her first year in the job has been
  • When Yvonne Wright chose to become an auxiliary nurse in 1982, the decision was instrumental in informing both her future career and life outside work.
  • Hoover the carpets, dust the pictures, reach to the top of the wardrobe and pick up the rug to see what is underneath. Cleaning the house is an on-going process, but have you ever thought about what is sitting on your curb-side?