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D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. is a private company and is one of the leading media organisations in the UK. Our headquarters is in Dundee, Scotland, with a London base in the world-famous Fleet Street. DC Thomson publishes newspapers, magazines and books. A strong sense of publishing tradition prevails and printing and publishing continue to be core to our business.

DCThomson Family

The current four directors, Andrew F Thomson, L Murray Thomson, Christopher HW Thomson and Richard Hall, are descendants of the founder. Other members of the Thomson family continue to work within the business. DC Thomson is a long-established family enterprise that has origins in the remarkable entrepreneurship of William Thomson in the early 19th Century when the firm's main business was in shipping. During the mid-19th Century, the Thomson family invested in publishing, taking an interest in the Dundee Courier and buying it in 1886. At that stage there were two major publishing houses in Dundee. The other was run by Sir John Leng. In 1905, the Thomson and Leng firms merged under the leadership of William Thomson’s son David Couper (D.C.) Thomson. Throughout the course of the 20th Century, DC Thomson became one of the UK's leading publishers. The diversification of the business today highlights the entrepreneurial flair of the firm.

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